Special Deals

Special deals available for home office furniture bundles. Special deals  include office chair and a 1200 x 600 desk. Desks available in 6 colour options.

We also have a range of discontinued items available while stocks last.

Hag H04 4600 ergonomic chairs available in Royal Blue or Black fabric with height adjustable arms fitted.

The Contour Mouse an ergonomically sculpted mouse, designed to give optimal support to your hand. Your hand and arm can relax comfortably on top of the mouse, while you retain precise control with the perfect balance of ergonomics and productivity.

The Contour Roller Mouse Pro2 offers a comfortable working position. The Contour mouse eliminates tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck. It reduces the risk of mouse arm. The Contour roller mouse Pro2 allows you to work with your hands inside the optimal work zone. This eliminates straining movements.

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