Welcome to Seating World where from our online site we are able to supply a comprehensive range of office chairs from a variety of manufactures namely Hag, Air Seating, Summit Chairs,Pledge, Boss and Komac and between them all offering a range of multi options low back, medium back, high back and Extra high back operator chairs, some of the features that can be included are static armrests, adjustable armrests, seat slide adjustment all for use at the home office as computer chairs or in the corporate business environment as Operator chairs.

We are able to supply a range of discount office chairs which can be supplied in a wide range of fabrics to include leather, Executive Leather and vinyl and a range of work chairs that can be converted to draughtman’s chairs. The use for operator chairs are unlimited but can generally be used as control room, executive leather, heavy duty, laboratory, educational, lumbar support, industrial, cleanroom, reception, secretarial, orthopaedic, conference chairs …..the complete choice of office chairs.

The concept of the Office chair has changed and movement should play an important role where possible. We still tell our children to sit up straight and sit still which is very unnatural, difficult and more importantly unhealthy and this also applies to adults whether they are sitting in a Typist, Operator or Executive chair. In later life this bad start is compounded by the fact that most office chairs still focus more on support and ‘correct sitting posture’ than on our body’s innate need to move. In the office environment today we sit our way through the day, perhaps in front of the computer, and think we need more and more support, as our body never stops aching. Today there is a thinking to spend more money on a desk and little on the Operators chair, this way of thinking needs to change, the office chair should be the priority.

Air Seating and Summit offer a wide range of products to cover Operator, Typist and Computer chairs and Tamperproof chairs suitable for office seating and educational seating in a variety of fabrics. The range then extends through to Boardroom, Leather and Executive leather chairs to suit a wide price range. To compliment the Boardroom, Leather and Executive leather chairs there is also a range of meeting and conference chairs available.

A wide variety of office chairs are also available in our Hag range and there are three ranges in particular to suit all aspects of the operator chairs, HAG H05 chairs, HAG H04 Credo chairs and HAG H03 chair.

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