Children like to move, even when they sit. Therefore, a good highchair offers the child support as well as freedom to move – both while sitting at the table and climbing in and out of the chair.

Nomi was developed from an ambition to create the world’s best highchair for children, in terms of both form and function. Nomi is seamlessly adjusted without tools and will evolve with your child’s changing need for support at the family table. The soft, organic contours are pleasing to the eye and invite the child to stay active and mobile in many different sitting positions.

Middle Stem – The Backbone of Your Nomi

The wooden stem provides strength, durability and flexibility to the highchair. The unique shape ensures that the sitting height and the seat depth are always perfectly matched.

The stem is made from FSC-certified steam-bent veneer providing maximum strength and flexibility. When you adjust the height of the seat and footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the stem.

The stem is available in different types of wood and colours. The difference is purely visual as durability and performance is the same in all options.

Basic stem: A core of steam-bent beech veneer covered with oak veneer. Treated with white oil or black varnish.

Premium stem: Steam-bent oak veneer or steam-bent walnut veneer. Both are treated with natural oil.

Ready to grow

Your child’s motor skills are constantly evolving – and the results are greater competences, needs and independence. Nomi provides support for every stage of your child’s development – from newborn to teenager.

The Nomi designer, Peter Opsvik, has more than 40 years of experience designing chairs for children. Nomi’s design is based on his philosophy that children need a safe and stable platform from which to move while they sit. Nomi’s footrest, seat and back provide support in many different positions, so that the child can sit actively with free mobility – thus encouraging the child’s development.

0-6 months – include your baby around the family table.

During your baby’s first months the muscles are not strong enough to support upright sitting. It is recommended for the child to frequently lie on a flat surface with free mobility. Nomi Baby is the perfect choice when you need an extra hand. It lifts your baby from the floor – with dust, feet or paws – and includes your newcomer at the family table right from the start.

6-24 months. Your baby wants to sit.

When your child is around 6-9 months old, time has come to sit unassisted. At this point your baby is probably able to roll over from the stomach to crawling position – and from there to sitting. Simply replace Nomi Baby with the seat, back- and footrest of Nomi Highchair combined with the Nomi Mini restraint. Nomi Mini will provide support and freedom to move – the best foundation for developing your child’s motoric skills.

From 2 years – Your child moves on

When your child makes attempts to climb up and down from the chair, it’s time to remove the restraint. Watch your child in the chair, and offer a little help getting up and down. After a while your child will be able to use Nomi Highchair without your help. Nomi Highchair is designed to stimulate movement and provide safe support in many different positions. Including the imaginative. Movement strengthens your child’s motoric skills and learning capacity – and prevents passive sitting habits in the future. 

For children and others who won’t sit still

Nomi was developed for children but also provides a comfortable, light chair for adults who like to stay active. Nomi can follow your child beyond childhood – for instance as a flexible desk chair.

The parent-friendly highchair

Nomi is also good news for parents. The light highchair weighs less than 5 kg, making it easy to move around the house. Or to hang on a table edge while cleaning. The small rubber knobs underneath the seat prevent it from scratching the table. And finally, Nomi is quick and easy to clean using a damp cloth.


Customise your very own Nomi

Choose among several varieties of wood, colours of plastic and reversible fabrics. Nomi Baby, Nomi Mini, Nomi Cushion, Nomi Mattress, Highchair Harness and Tray by Evomove are accessories for the Nomi Highchair.



Red Dot Award: Best of The Best

In 2014 Nomi was awarded the internationally recognised design prize “Red Dot Award: Best of the Best”. Many products hold a Red Dot award however “Best of the Best” is only given to a product that excels in a particular field. The jury’s motivation for making this award to Nomi were:

“In the world of children’s furniture, Nomi is an exception. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of this high chair are impressive. It demonstrates a completely new use of form, free of the usual clichés of shape. Based on a well thought-out functional concept, this chair is easy to adjust and grows along with the children. In addition to its thorough flexibility it also offers a high level of safety.”

Mother & Baby Awards 2017 – Best Highchair

Progressive Preschool Awards 2016 – Best Preschool Home Decor, Furniture or Bedding Range

Junior Design Awards 2016 – Platinum Award for Best Highchair Design

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