Microdesk  sloping writing platforms are a unique solution allowing comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line with your keyboard and monitor. The MicroDesk is designed for keyboard users who refer to paperwork or documentation, which is normally placed on either side of the monitor or keyboard.

The Microdesk sloping writing platforms have adjustable non slip feet and  manufactured in a clear acrylic. The Microdesk allows you to avoid repetitive body twisting whilst writing or referring to documents at the side of the keyboard, as your papers are placed directly in front of you, twisting and neck stretching problems are avoided. This is a fundamental requirement for any ergonomic workstation.

The Microdesk standard is 56cm wide and has a fully height and slope adjustable from 6cm – 13cm at the front and 13cm – 20cm at the back. The Microdesk is completely stable at any height setting. This makes it the most versatile product of its type available today.

The MicroDesk Compact is 43cm wide and has more compact feet for more desk space saving!

Choose the MicroDesk if you do large amounts of data entry or copy-typing.

How to Use

Adjust the height to suit either a flat surface or a keyboard tray. When writing on the Microdesk™, keep elbows within range of your body, no reaching out. Write with a bent elbow not a straight arm. You can access the function and number keys of the keyboard beneath the front edge of the Microdesk™ and rest your forearm comfortably on the platform on top when using the Microdesk™ for writing.

The Microdesk™ is suitable for left and right-handed writers. There is a removable lip at the base of the Microdesk. This is to stop your papers from sliding off the unit. Do not lean your wrist on the high lip while writing. Keep to the side where there is a flat area OR change to the low lip profile. Included with  all desk models there is a ruler / line guide.

Note: Do not slump or stoop as you work. This causes tension in your back, neck and shoulder areas. The Microdesk™  helps relieve this tension through positioning your body well while you work.

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