Welcome to Seating World where from our on-line store we can offer a selection of Medical Chairs Our medical range provides solutions for Dentists, Doctors and in hospitals for Midwives, Sonographers, opthalmic, endoscopy, haematology and chiropractors.

We offer payment terms to Corporate customers and also on site trials with presentations by our fully trained staff.

Together with The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital we have completed extensive trials in the field to help overcome the many problems in day to day activities. An independent RULA assessment was carried out by the occupational health department for sonographers and midwives (copies available on request). The medical chair used for these trials was the HAG Capisco which due to its unique design and adaptability proved a great help in overcoming the operators problems. There were also many other areas in the medical field were the HAG Capisco proved invaluable.

The HAG Capisco chair
The saddle chair’ –‘the dentist chair’- ‘the midwives chair’ – ‘the sonographers chair’ – ‘the hospital chair’ ‘the chiropractor chair’ – ‘the osteopath chair’ or ‘the bad back chair’ – the specialised uses for this chair are endless as well as being excellent for architects chairs, Draughtman’s chairs, control room chairs, CAD chairs, chemist chairs, laboratory chairs, office chairs, reception chairs, dining chairs, Office Chairs, Director’s chairs, factory chairs, work chairs, HAG Capisco –the Saddle chair- began with the dynamic seating position of the horse rider. No one sits as actively as the horse rider in the saddle. HAG Capisco as recreated the ideal seating position for active work. You can feel the dynamics when you sit down and understand how HAG Capisco is inviting you to variation and movement.

The fact that the increase in sitting was combined with a decrease in discomfort implies that the ergonomic chairs had a positive influence in the workplace. Although the backrest of the new chairs can be used to support the chest while leaning forward, the employees in this study found that using the chairs in the traditional way was ideal for their tasks. The employees report armrest shape and saddle seat make this chair more comfortable and easier to use than a traditional dental stool. The study’s findings indicate that this chair may be useful not only for dental workers, but also other occupational groups that use a forward leaning posture to perform their work, such as microscope users, surgeons, and other health care clinicians. These users may find it beneficial to have a saddle seat as well as an option to use the backrest as a chest support.

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