A robust range of industrial seating for all applications, design task chairs for control rooms, laboratories, healthcare, electronics, production, research and development, assembly, test repair, re-work, inspection, packaging, dentists, garages, cleanroom anti static chairs, hospitals etc all with enhanced back support.

The number of people today sitting on Industrial chairs who are affected by work related musculoskeletal disorders is enormous and the related costs are massive. Although the frequency of manual work is decreasing, the reports on low back pain are increasing but we cannot say that the work chair is totally responsible for this but it does play an important part.

The HAG Capisco chair or saddle chair’ and the specialised uses for this chair are endless as well as being excellent for Draughtman’s chairs, control room chairs, chemist chairs, laboratory chairs, industrial chairs, work chairs etc.
HAG Capisco –the Saddle chair- began with the dynamic seating position of the horse rider. No one sits as actively as the horse rider in the saddle. HAG Capisco as recreated the ideal seating position for active work. You can feel the dynamics when you sit down and understand how HAG Capisco is inviting you to variation and movement.

The HAG Capisco offers multi use as it comes as a saddle stool only or with its back rest you can sit side ways giving side and under arm support or you can sit through the back giving frontal support. There are other ranges of chairs available for ESD or Anti static industrial chairs or a wipeover fabric for clean room operator chairs

Here at Seatingworld we have carefully selected a range of Industrial Chairs to cover all aspects and budgets. As we spend a major part of our lives sat at our workstations it is important to select the right industrial chair for our posture as we work away at our desks.

Our ranges cover Industrial chairs in the EPS and HAG range, HAG seating: and the fully sprung Orthopaedia. Our bad back chairs have been selected to attempt to alleviate all aspects of back pain where total adjustability and movement is provided by HAG. Orthopaedia for comfort and Grahle for specialisation.

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