HAG are probably the most ergonomically advanced chairs on the office chair market today and HAG have rethought the concept of seating from support to movement. Hag are one of the companies at the forefront of Health and Safety and all Hag chairs are fitted with castors that lock when a person gets up from the chair to comply with EN1335. At Seating World we can supply a superb range of HAG Chairs and other office seating and furniture.

In line with current HAG Corporate policy, no official HAG dealer is able to display discounted HAG seating prices on their website. Hag and Seatingworld like to ensure that the right chair goes to the right person as each chair has different features, options and benefits. We can offer you personal advice over the telephone or for a nominal fee carry out an on site assessment by one of our DSE assessors which will be arranged promptly for any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01564 330727 or email us at info@seatingworld.co.uk

The body needs movement and the office chair should stimulate and invite natural movement of the body throughout the working day. Movement is crucial for concentrated work and movement of the ankles is particularly important, to stimulate the ‘peripheral heart’. Airlines have learned the importance of ankle movement to help to protect against the possibility of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and try to encourage us to flex our ankles regularly during the flight, but we have to remember to do this. Enabling and encouraging such movement with an office chair should be integral to the chair so that we are able to move on the chair without having to think about it.

In office ergonomics we know the importance of movement, but very few purchasers focus on this when choosing an Operator chair or Computer chair, possibly because the office chairs that offer mobility are few and far between. The old-style rocking chair offers movement of the whole body without having to think about it and everyone knows that when you sit in a rocking chair it follows your every movement, but you may sit still too; your body decides.

HAG HO9 chairs
An executive chair range of designer chairs offering a wide range of adjustability which can be personalised to suit the individual. With a spine running down the backbone of the chair it allows adjustment of the lumbar support and a neck support on certain chairs and incorporates a foot rest on the base of the chair. All leather and mesh backs can be complimented by the communication range of matching visitor chairs.

The HAG Capisco chair
The saddle chair’ –‘the dentist chair’- ‘the midwives chair’ – ‘the sonographers chair’ – ‘the hospital chair’ ‘the chiropractor chair’ – ‘the osteopath chair’ or ‘the bad back chair’ – the specialised uses for this chair are endless as well as being excellent for architects chairs, Draughtsman’s chairs, control room chairs, CAD chairs, chemist chairs, laboratory chairs, office chairs, reception chairs, dining chairs, Office Chairs, Director’s chairs, factory chairs or just as a work chairs. HAG Capisco or the Saddle chair began with the dynamic seating position of the horse rider. No one sits as actively as the horse rider in the saddle and the HAG Capisco recreated this ideal seating position for active work. You can feel the dynamics when you sit down and understand how HAG Capisco is inviting you to variation and movement.

HAG H05 chairs
The HAG H05 is a living chair and only needs one lever and one wheel to adjust the chair to your profile and then let the chair follow your every movement. Various fabrics and back sizes make this unique chair suitable for executive, operator, visitors, reception, control and meeting chairs.

HAG H04 chairs
The HAG H04 range of chairs offer the same movement as the H05 but with full individual adjustment of all the different characteristics to adjust the chair to your profile and then let the chair follow your every movement. Various fabrics and back sizes make this unique chair suitable for operator, visitor, reception, control and meeting chairs.

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