Hag chairs follow a person’s body, as simple as that. The hag chair follows the body’s movements, both large and small and enables stillness when required in the office.

This allows good blood circulation to be maintained, therefore leading to a healthy body and mindset, while you concentrate on your work. Hag chairs are made up of award winning designs, inspired by their approach towards integrating the science of human engineering with style and functionality.

Hag chairs specialise in perfecting the art evolving office chairs, work chairs, visitor and conference chairs and other executive office furniture. A working life can be stressful so being comfortable in the way that you sit can reduce muscle strain and other physical discomforts that initially start with stress and continue in long periods of sitting in poorly developed chairs. Hag chairs manage this problem by making sure that comfort is key ensuring good circulation and full body movement capability whilst in the office.

Hag seating make your posture dynamic and remove static sitting altogether. The result is less discomfort, less stress and an improved senses of well-being whilst at work.

Hag chairs reputation for quality and reliability are reinforced in its ten year guarantee on all office chairs manufactured after 2004.

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