APS TherapyWhat is APS Therapy?

APS Therapy is a pleasant treatment method that supports the body with recovery problems. The treatment is performed using the  Therapy device that subtly activates the nerve.  The treatment does not pose an extra burden on the body, so that all released energy is used for support in the recovery and reduction of pain.

APS stands for Action Potential Simulation. Action potentials are body signals that enable communication between different body parts. These action potentials are important for the functioning of the body. Functionality as a movement but also recovery is strongly dependent on these action potentials.

What makes APS Therapy so unique?

By APS Therapy the nerve is activated with a derivative of the body’s own action potential. This APS signal has been developed in such a way that it can start a communication signal in the nerve and at the same time stimulate the production of the energy molecule ATP. The APS  signal can return the nerve to its natural frequency. The body can thus find a better balance and will be able to recover more easily.

Who is APS Therapy for?

Many people benefit from the Therapy treatment. The treatment is effective in people who are vital and ask a lot of the body, but also in people who suffer from chronic complaints. These complaints are often accompanied by pain and fatigue.

  • Do you have persistent pain complaints?
  • Do you feel tired regularly? – Are you sleeping badly?
  • Does your body repair difficult? – Are you restless?
  • Do you have concentration problems?
  • Are you sensitive to injuries?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your overall health?
  • Does your body interfere with your daily activities?

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above points?

Then APS Therapy is an excellent choice that can mean the following for you:

  • reduction of pain – increase in energy
  • improvement removal of toxins
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • improved sleep – improvement of mobility
  • decrease in fatigue
  • balancing neurohormones
  • improvement of cell communication

APS Therapy MK 4

This complete package is compiled for the professional user, is ready to use and consists of:

  • APS Therapy MK 4 device
  • sturdy carry bag
  • manual
  • lead wires
  • 10 sets adhesive electrodes
  • Battery (9V)
  •  Ear clips
  • 1 set water electrodes
  • 1 medium applicator
  •  gel
  •  salt
Mk4 Control unit

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