TCI Seating

tciseatingWith 35 years’ experience in the furniture industry, TCI Seating developed the Orthopaedia™ range of seating with a view to deliver the highest quality, ‘home grown’ products.
Specialising as a manufacturer of posture seating, TCI seating targeted the main ‘fit for purpose’ element of their chairs, allowing them to rival the products from well-established Asian and Scandinavian manufacturers.

TCI Seating take great pride in keeping business within the UK wherever possible. Whilst sourcing components from UK based suppliers, TCI Seating also take great interest in suppliers that hold established policies which relate to carbon offset programmes, waste reduction and sustainability.

Working closely with Ergonomists, Orthopaedists, Physiotherapists and other Healthcare professionals, TCI Seating is designed following extensive consultation. As a result of such in-depth research, TCI Seating developed the unique coil sprung seats and backs, which exceeds the levels of support offered by traditionally manufactured chairs.

Owing to a rigorous quality control process, TCI Seating can say with some conviction that less than 1% of their chairs are returned. As a result, TCI Seating are that confident in their products that they offer a market leading 10 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.