Hag Chairs

hag-logo HAG chairs are tailored to balance the human body in a natural and fluid way, ensuring that you are seated in the correct position. HAG design all of their chairs to enable you to move your whole body with ease and very little thought, thus HAG chairs allow you to perform to the best of your ability whist simultaneously protecting your general well-being.

When it came to design, HAG took a relatively different approach when it came to achieving the very best in their product. Acknowledging that the human body is not designed to sit still, but to move and be subjected to a variety of positions, HAG turned their attention to number of situations which involve similar movements we all experience whilst working in an office. One situation HAG recognised as being reflective to that of a seated office environment was horse riding. The rider not only engages their feet and arms but is also sat for long periods of time and it was this that HAG realised how important a role our feet and legs play in a seated position.

HAG chairs inspire you to move your feet. Whilst in an office environment, it’s easy to ‘forget’ about our legs. HAG recognise that we constantly reach, stretch and twist, moving our hands, arms and head, but our feet remain stationary throughout the majority of the day. It’s the static positioning of the legs and feet that HAG identified as affecting the whole body and often results in increased levels of tiredness following long periods of time in a seated position.

To dispel this problem and achieve a dynamic sitting position, HAG developed a Balanced Movement Mechanism™. This unique mechanism allows you to control and personalise the setting of your HAG chair, thus achieving balance and enabling the chair to move simultaneously with your body and not the other way round. As a result, the partnership of movement HAG developed, enhances the overall circulation throughout the body and achieves better improved efficiency and greater energy levels at work.